Two Signs That Your Car Might Need A Tune-Up

When it comes to your automobile, it's likely quite commonplace for you to do things such as have the oil changed, get the tires rotated or switch out the air filters. You consider these to be the baseline requirements if you're going to keep your vehicle running properly. However, there's another maintenance activity that can be just as vital to the life of your car: A tune-up. An engine tune-up involves a thorough evaluation of some of the most important systems in your car. If you've never considered having a tune-up before, use this information to learn more about the signs that it might be time to have one done.

You're Getting Less Fuel Economy

One sign that it may be time for tune-up can be detected by paying attention to just how often you find yourself going to the pump. If a full tank of gas just doesn't seem to be lasting as long as it did before, a tune-up could be on the horizon.

Understand that the fuel you put into your tank could have some impurities in it that you're not aware of. Although the car will typically be able to plug along for awhile even when the gasoline you use isn't exactly squeaky clean, the toxins will eventually start to take a toll in some way. The sediment in the fuel begins to settle on the bottom of the tank, leaving less room for the liquid gas. Although your meter will likely show that the tank is filled to capacity, you'll find that whereas a full tank used to let you get back and forth to work for a specific length of time, you're having to get to the pumping station a lot more frequently.

A tune-up is a great way to uncover and resolve this issue. The technician can check for sludge in the fuel tank and if it is discovered, have it pumped out.

Your Car Starts To Shake While Braking

If you come to a sudden halt, it's quite common for there to be a bit of shaking. However, if you find that even when you do a pull off a proper brake maneuver the car seems to shake violently, it's time for a tune-up. Your braking system needs to be inspected for signs of deterioration so any issues can be repaired.

Knowing when to get a tune-up is a key way to keep your car running the way that it should. If either of these signs appear make an appointment for a Porsche tuning right away.