Signs It's Time To Repair Your RV's Electrical Brake System

When driving your RV, it is imperative that you pay close attention to safety. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that the vehicle's electrical braking system is functioning properly. An important part of this process is being able to recognize some of the signs that indicate a problem with the braking system. Here are just some of the warning signs to look out for to stay safe on the road.


When applying the brakes, the transition should be smooth. If you notice a feeling of vibration, whether it be significant or minor, this is something you don't want to ignore, as a vibrating sensation is sometimes an indication of failing brakes. When the brakes aren't functioning at full capacity, they have a harder time stopping the vehicle.

This difficulty can cause vibrations that may be felt throughout the RV, hence the sensation. It's important to note that this can also indicate that the weight of the RV is too heavy in comparison to its capacity load. Either way, this is a concern you want to investigate further.

Wire Exposure

Another problem to look out for is wire exposure. Electrical brake systems often contain braking magnets that aid the RV in stopping. While they last for a long time, they do fail after a while, which is more common once their wear reaches a high number of miles.

A clear sign of failure is wire exposure. If even one tiny wire is peaking through along the surface of the magnet, you don't want to ignore this. Wire exposure is often one of the final stages before the magnets completely fail, ultimately causing brake failure. Have each assembly inspected, even if you only see the wires on one side.  

Voltage Adjustments

If you have an RV that must be towed, a problem with the voltage level is another sign of a problem with the electrical brake system. Before hauling a RV, the voltage level of the electrical brake system must be synchronized to ensure the right amount of power is being delivered to the brakes.

If you set the voltage, come back and the level has changed, this is a sign of an electrical problem. In some instances, it could be the synchronization model or it could be the brakes. However, you can only determine this with an inspection, so have the vehicle looked at before taking it out to ensure safety.

At the first indication of a problem, ensure you are having the brakes repaired or replaced. Not only does your safety depend on it, but also the safety of other motorists on the road. For more information on electric RV brakes, contact a company like Burnsville Trailer Hitch.